Why Immigration is GOOD for the American Economy

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This video discusses immigration and how important it is for our domestic economy. Immigrants account for about 12.5% of the American population and since consumer spending accounts for 71% of our GDP, they probably account for (directly and indirectly) about 12.5% of our GDP as well. So if they were all ejected from our country in a single day, we would end up with the biggest recession in American history.

Immigration is one of the primary reasons the US population is still growing. Between 2010 and 2050, the European population is staying exactly the same. The Russian population is shrinking by 12% and the Japanese population is shrinking by 17%. But during the same time period, the American population is growing by 26% and that’s great news for the local economy. More people = more GDP.

People buy food, water, shelter and energy (not to mention entertainment) and that’s a huge part of our economy. Immigration is GOOD for the American economy and we should embrace immigrants as such.


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